WHB Hairy Manure of the 43rd Simplex
In the above painting by Gustavol Espanaviali, WHB Hairy Manure eats a stick of coloured testicles, a delicacy in Elbinia.
AllianceThe Pleasure Legion of Penile Undulation
Sub-FactionFungusman Capsule
Stationed Land43rd Simplex
Honorary TitleHermeme, Herpes Simplex, He-woman

WHB Hairy Manure of the 43rd Simplex is a Pleasureperson who was erected to a Whorenourable by SPCUM Curtease, Charming Clitoria of the Cunteasean Planes when he discovered the potency of his sexually transmitted disease, the Earthian herpes simplex virus, after a clandestine love affair. Manure is a master of memefication, in which he is able to steal memes and popularise them, effectively switching the ownership of those memes to himself. Such memes thus become branded as ‘Hermemes’.

He is also an important member of SHM Yu's "The Zai", as well as the subsequent Fungusman Capsule Unit.

History Edit

Coming from the war-torn land of the 43rd Simplex, Manure had to live a stealthy life in order to survive throughout his youth. Eventually, he grew tired of the 43rd Simplex and managed to leave after winning a bet against WHB Einar Solberg of The Price, hitching a ride on his singing moon. Manure has thus travelled to almost every single planet in the Memetic Dimension, the Land of Penile Undulation and beyond, making him quite knowledgeable about the cartography of the universe.

When Manure visited the Cunteasean Planes of Cunteaseland, he had an affair with SPCUM Curtease, Charming Clitoria of the Cunteasean Planes. Curtease was arused by the strange virus that Manure carried. Sensing his potential for greatness and kekitry, Curtease bestowed upon manure the title of Whorenourable.

Eventually, Manure was sent back to aid in the ruling of his own homeland. Despite this, he still travels outside of it frequently.

The Zai Edit

The first of these was the Whorenourable Hairy Manure of the 43rd Simplex. The 43rd Simplex is known for birthing some of the most talented individuals, almost all of them known to be intrepid Whorenourables. Manure was no exception, known to have quested various lands throughout the neighbouring memetic dimension. More importantly, it was from Manure that Shartmaster Yu had an epiphany of the harnessing of memes to generate jelly and kek, for Manure was quite the memetic individual, frequently stealing memes from other people and popularising them to the point their original owners are completely forgotten. Sometimes he was even admirably called the “Hermeme”.