A man with great singing chops currently in a not-so-famous progressive metal band. He aspires to be a Pleasuremonger. He was awarded the title of Whorenourable after MYS-3 Elbinimus Prime discovered his dexterous skills in piloting The Price around various planets with only the mesmerising tunes from his vocal cords. He is also widely known as the only Pleasureperson who can actually drive a fucking moon.

During the era of the Meme Man the 1st, ala the conflict between Elbinia and the Fiend of the Devilish Time Pit, Solberg was a spy torn between various internal factions. He is most famous in his role of delivering a mysterious artifact throughout the lands. This came to be known as the Tall Poppy Situation. Furthermore, to hide his background entirely, he cut off the 6th Gah Seelah Bracken from his namesake entirely, becoming a hermit that is to be only completely associated with his singing moon.

After the first age on conflict, Solberg resided on the barren Salterryria until he mysteriously vanished for a period of time. He was then excavated from the Hole of Indifferentia, a deep Salterryrian cave, by SEX Rohahaha Kekshibe and brought back to the Elbinian Court for interrogation.

He was also a member of the elusive Leprous Affinity.

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