SPCUM Curtease, Charming Clitoria of the Cunteasean Planes
In the above painting by Gustavol Espanaviali, SPCUM Curtease presents a Ruse Card, a collectible meme
AllianceThe Pleasure Legion of Penile Undulation
Sub-FactionFungusman Capsule
Stationed LandThe Cunteasean Planes of Cunteaseland
Honorary TitleThe Charming Clitoria
SPCUM Curtease, Charming Clitoria of the Cunteasean Planes is a pleasurecommander that rules over the Cunteasean Planes of Cunteaseland in the Land of Penile Undulation. He is renowned for being a man of many talents, some of which include artful rusing and being a master of pleasuretongue. Most importantly, he is a crucial member in SHM Yu's jelly research squad "The Zai" as well as the subsequent Fungusman Capsule Unit. While he is feared for being able to dole out ruses that are quite destructive, he is respected for being highly diplomatic.

History Edit

Curtease was born in the Cunteasean Planes to a humble family alongside his siblings Tom and G. The majority of his youth was spent concocting ruses to kek out the people of the Cunteasean Planes.

Eventually, he joined the Pleasure Legion of Penile Undulation with the belief that it would allow him to experience greater pleasure in his life. Though he spent his first few years as a mere Pleasurewarrior, his interest in Elbinian academics motivated him to enroll into the Elbinian University of Pleasure. He learned many skills, particularly the art of pleasuretongue which he excelled exceedingly at. Much time was also spent refining his methods of rusing. Curtease then graduated as a PCUM, allowing him to return to his homeland as its ruler.

Curtease also gave frequent orations in the Elbinian Court. His proficiency with pleasuretongue impressed the Pleasuremongers, making him a favourite amongst them. This eventually earned him the title of "Charming Clitoria".

"The Zai" Edit

Curtease was hand-picked by SHM Yu to become a researcher in "The Zai". He contributed greatly to the study of improvised memery through ruses and pleasuretongue. He is also widely recognised as the diplomatic relations manager of the group.

The following passage is taken from Ooo Arr:

While Manure was a plagiariser of kek, there was a famed individual that Shartmaster Yu took a great interest in known as PCUM Curtease of the Cunteasean Planes, gaining notoriety in recent years for his on-the-fly developments of memetic deliverance. He would soon come to develop the art of the ruse, which will eventually become the most practiced form of improvised memery. Furthermore, Curtease is a master of pleasuretongue, where his poetic verbal noodling has earned him the title of the “Charming Clitoria”.