PCUN Samirai Kawashibe of the 50th Paintool Sai is a pleasureperson who is well known for his long-standing feud with the CDP Cucku of the 50th Paintool Sai. He is a somewhat noble warrior who harbours a deep resentment for the idol group Purile Aluminiums and all things weeby. He also has a fondness for the JEH Matthias Kimchi Heckardo, his late student. His low rank despite his proficiency is due to him being inflicted by the curse of hentaitaki, for he kept on drawing ruses to himself. It is also because his foreskin was stolen by CDP Cucku.

He is infamous for his boner-killing voice and being a master of the keyboards, at which he is able to subdue foes with a strange technique that many refer to as “Imaginary Sonic Rape”.

He currently resides on the 6th Gah Seelah Bracken.

History Edit

See: Samirai Kek

Kawashibe used to be in a group called Yawn. However, ever since his ex-comrade SEX Shishishishinichinchin Migi of the 50th Paintool Sai defected to weebery, Yawn fell apart due to lack of members. The only remaining members were Kawashibe and his SPUNK Mikannibal Korpse of the 50th Paintool Sai.

One day, CDP Cucku of the 50th Paintool Sai appeared and stole his foreskin. This prevented him from officially acquiring new ranks and thus he was cursed with hentaitaki. Cucku then flung him into the future as a little ruse.

Kawashibe researched on Cucku in Elbinia and searched for him in the 31st Weebanese Shitlands. Unfortunately, he was unable to slay Cucku and retreated to get stronger.

Kawashibe went to the 6th Gah Seelah Bracken, where 3WHB Varges Vixen of the 89th Crispy Foreskin Flake invited him to join the Korny Kvltists. There, he studied under their ways to learn of new methods to defeat Cucku.

Legacy Edit

While he is a PCUN, Kawashibe is treated like a Whorenourable because of his bravery in facing Cucku. This makes him one of the most well known petty cuntstables.

Kawashibe was the subject of much kek when he was invited to give an oration in the Elbinian Court. Many found his voice to be incredibly jelly due its dry tonal quality. Furthermore, his incredibly strong hatred for weebery has been the butt of many jokes.

Penis and Dicke and Balls Magazine featured Kawashibe in their weekly column Living Memes, where they joked about his hate for weebery and his boner-killing voice.